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Bobbing Village School

Small in numbers, large at heart.


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Bourne Alliance    Curriculum

Our school ‘Discovery’ curriculum is broad, balanced and highly engaging for children to provide every child with exciting and varied ways of learning knowledge and developing skills.  Our children are taught all subjects from the National Curriculum in each year group, developing and building on from their previous learning and knowledge as they move up through the school.

We have a rationale we use to underpin our curriculum which is:

  • To develop  independent,  collaborative,  resilient  and  curious  learners who are  critical thinkers  which enables them to develop and adapt to our ever changing world
  • To be respectful, socially aware, well-mannered and environmentally conscious for the benefit of society and our planet
  • For all children to be  fluent and avid readers, with opportunities to  develop and build their vocabulary, so that all children regardless of their background or barriers can access all areas of the curriculum
  • To provide opportunities to engage parents and carers in supporting and developing their children, both in school and at home to develop a love for learning
  • To allow and encourage  flexibility and support, to cater for pupil needs and interests
  • To use a STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering & Maths) approach to enable children to  make links in their learning,  deepen their understanding,  motivate  and  inspire
  • To enable our children to develop their critical thinking for all aspects of their lives

Our curriculum offers physical, academic and practical approaches to accommodate all kinds of learners. It also allows our teaching staff to work collaboratively, to develop flexible, immersive and exciting lessons, which enables all our children to flourish.

How do we teach this?

We teach our ‘Discovery’ curriculum which uses topic themed learning which weaves together the curriculum subjects so that children can make stronger links in their understanding. For example a topic theme may be mainly around history, but include geography, PE and the arts. We do have some learning which is taught outside of the themes so that only strong links are made between subjects to help our children learn.

We make our learning as active as possible, so they can experience what they are learning.  This includes planning really exciting trips, giving them experiences outside that they may not have access to at home.  This year some of our trips and experiences include visiting the Greenwich Royal Observatory, to London to see the Tutankhamun Treasures collection (at their final London experience) and skiing.

Our topics are not fixed; these will change over time in order to respond to the children in our school. Our curriculum is an ever changing vehicle, which links to the National Curriculum, but aims to meet the needs of our children at Bourne Alliance.

Please contact the individual school via e-mail if you'd like to find out more about the curriculum. or